Adarsha Mahila Griha Udyog , Latur was formally established in 1976 .A group of women  mostly professionals like school teachers .doctor ,professors, lawyers ,felt strongly about the disastrous condition of women .

They wanted to improve their condition earnestly .They visualized that  the root cause of the problems of women is their economical dependency and psychological slavery . They wanted to change this scene and work with women for their financial self-reliance.

They wanted to make women realize their rights and fight for them and against atrocities done to them .They registered their group for their organized efforts as “A.M.G.U.” Since 1976 it has been growing steadily and working for women –empowerment .

Our work primarily focuses on improving women’s lives through social, economic, political, legal, and health education, along with literacy. We also run many programs focusing on improving different aspects of the rural lives. All these programs have had a great impact towards eradicating poverty in those villages.