Adarsh Mahila Griha Udyog (AMGU) is a registered trust and society operational in Latur district of Marathwada region of Maharashtra state in India. The organization was formed in 1976 by educated and socially aware women driven by a passion to empower rural women. Since its inception AMGU worked on socio-economic and political empowerment of women by addressing issues like health, education, violence, employment, livelihood, participation in governance. AMGU operates in 152 villages of Latur district and has contacts with 10,000 rural women and their households. Their work focuses on organizing women into Self Help Groups (SHGs), developing their capacities, promoting linkages and resourcing them with a view to help women address their own issues.

AMGU is closely involved in addressing issues of gender justice, trafficking amongst women and girls, VAW, illiteracy amongst girl children, female foeticide, health care amongst adolescent girls, unemployment, etc. the organization has initiated several programmatic measures such as awareness, mobilization of government schemes and programs for women and girls, vocational training and credit support to address these issues. Addressing the rural livelihood needs for women AMGU created opportunities through vocational training and awareness on sustainable agriculture practices. To sustain the village development processes, AMGU concentrated in strengthening SHGs, promotion of community level health and sanitation practices, support and guidance through counseling centers, introduction of eco-village, organic farming practices and linkages with government development programs/schemes.

Vision and Mission:

Since formation AMGU has worked on facilitating empowerment amongst women through a process of mobilization, formation of community support structures, building capacities and advocating women’s constitutional rights so that they are able to live a life of confidence, dignity and gender equality. The focus of work has been on health, education, livelihood and addressing all forms of violence against women and demand appropriate policies and practices.


Women and men have equal status and both enjoy similar rights in all walks of life with dignity, confidence and gender justice in life.


Facilitate holistic empowerment of women especially from poor and marginalized communities living in difficult socio-economic conditions through a process of counseling, awareness, mobilization, networking, research and advocacy to help women address their own issues of discrimination and exploitation and ensure gender justice in all walks of life.

Special Thanks

We are grateful to the Maharashtra State Government, other various donors, Indian Development Services Chicago, USA, Maharashtra Foundation USA, UNICEF, Dilasa, Ghatanji Yawatmal, Ramesh Kacholia Mumbai, for their generous Support.