Shalubai Bhalke ZBNF Farmer from Bori village,Tq & Dist.Latur
Shalini from Bori,taluka Latur, District Latur,getting support of seeds and plants from AMGU.
30 widow farmers women from Latur Taluka with their seeds and plants.
20 widow farmers from Udgir Taluka getting support from AMGU.
Prof. Chandrakala Bhargaw, guiding SHG women and youth members in the anti-dowry workshop at Bori, Latur District
Guiding the SHG women of Bhatangali for legal awareness with free legal-aid services
Prof. Bhargaw, guiding SHG women for anti-dowry movement with the chief-guest Ashatai Bhise
In AMGU Melava, Mrs. Manisha Yerole is felicitated by API Mrs. Dandime for her work on dowry
Prof. Bhargaw, guiding SHG women, youth girls and boys for anti-dowry awareness workshop
Miss. Tabbu Shaikh from Bhatangali is reciting a poem on dowry from her yuvati gat
Mahila Melava at Bhadi with IDS President Jerry and SHG women and Manoj Bhargaw
SHG women, Youth members present in the workshop for anti-dowry movement
Youth meeting with Mr. Manoj Bhargaw ,Jerry Gosepud and SHG women for dowry
President of India Development Services(IDS) Chicago ,USA Visiting Grampanchayat of Ramjanpur
Guiding in the convention for anti-dowry movement organized by AMGU
The social workers of AMGU taking an oath for not giving and taking dowry and saving the girl child
Prof . Chandrakala Bhargaw guiding youth
Anti-Dowry movement campaign by AMGU
Accepting Marathwada Bhushan Purskar from Rajkunvar Smruti Pratishtan, Aurangabad
District S.P.Dr. Suhas Warke Felicitating Chandrakala Bhargaw for her commendable counseling work
Accepting Ahilyadevi Holkar Puraskar 2002
Inaugrating the poster for Anti-Trafficking by District collector Jalota and Chandrakala Bhargaw
Accepting Jeevan Gaurav Puraskar 2007
Jaya Kamalani, author of “India With Tough Love” from USA includes the work of Chandrakala Bhargaw
Accepting "Latur Gurav Purskar" at the time of 25th anniversary of Latur district
Meeting with The Dakshata Committee Members and District S.P. Dnyaneshwar Chavan ,Latur Dist.
Bhargaw felicitated by Latur Zilla Parishad by Shivraj Patil Chakurkar.
Receiving I volunteers Award by Rajashri Birla
Kitchen garden of Kansubai Kamble from Borimala, Taluka Latur, Dist. Latur
Medicinal plants aloevera from the kitchen garden of Parvati Baspure from Bhadgaon, Taluka Latur, Dist. Latur
Kitchen garden of Shobha Kamble from Salgara, Latur District
Planting the trees at Bhadi,Latur District for kitchen garden.
Prof. Chandrakala Bhargaw, observing kitchen garden of Surekha Kamble
Presenting “Mulgi Zali Ho” at Pachod Dist. Aurangabad
AMGU Group Presenting “Mulgi Zali Ho” at Latur District
Presenting one person show “Mulgi Zali Ho” at Pune organized by Laddad family .
Educating the adolescents from Saraswati Highschool, Latur for “jidnyasa–education of life-skill”
Prof. Chandrakala Bhargaw, guiding the students of Dayanand College of Arts of Latur for life skills
BDO Shri Raut inaugurating the use of the tanks given by AMGU.
Widow farmer Kevalbai Maruti Biradar, from Manjari, Udgiri Taluka, Latur District
Economic self-reliance through the loan given by AMGU to Mrs. Mina Gaikwad
AMGU gave loan to Samina Bori for her economic self–reliance
Making awareness about AIDS/ HIV
Guiding the mob in the Fertility camp at Latur
Distributing trees for plantations in Bhadi ,Latur District
Tree Plantation Program in Bhadi ,Latur District
Conference organized by India Development Coalition America , Chicago , USA
Guiding the counselors for family counseling centers
Guiding the convention of adolescents and youth
Guiding the girl students for dowry prohibition
Guiding women for gender sensitization
Women in the gathering from 6 villages
Bharatbai Kamble from Ranjanpur - loan for machine helping her to cut and clean grains.
Prof. Chandrakala Bhargaw, guiding student of Sant Tukaram National Model school, Latur District
Prayagbai Ambaji Bansode of Ramjanpur. The loan helped her to buy a buffalo for milk business
Meena Dattu Gaikwad from Bhadi, has taken loan for sewing machine is stitching clothes
Loan to Parvati Baspure to cook nutricious food for children from Anganwadi
Loan given to Rukhiya Tajjodin Shaikh of Bori helped her to buy a buffalo for milk business
Loan given by AMGU to Najma Khudboddin Tamboli of Bori helped her to buy a buffalo
Loan given by AMGU to Dhondubai Bhaskar Gade of Ramjapur to buy a cow for milk business
Loan given by AMGU helped them to develop nursery of plants
Loan given by AMGU helped her to start utensils shop
Distributing loan to SHG woman Sangita Hanumant Kadam from Bori for Cow by AMGU
Distributing loan to SHG woman Rukhiya Tajoddin Shaikh of Bori for Buffalo by AMGU
Distributing loan to SHG woman Parvati Vaijanath Aalate of Mushirabad for Buffalo by AMGU
Distributing loan to SHG woman Najma Mirasaheb Shaikh of Bori for Provisional Stores, by AMGU
Distributing loan to SHG woman Meena Bapurao Suryawanshi from Bori for Buffalo by AMGU
Distributing loan to SHG woman by AMGU
Distributing loan to SHG woman Jaitunbi Isak Shaikh from Bori for business with the help of IDS
Distrbuting loan to SHG woman Dhondubai Bhasakar Gade of Ramjanpur for sewing Machine
Chandrakala Bhargaw, president of AMGU singing inspirational song
Chairman of the gathering Khaja Banu distributing the course certificate to trainee
Bhagirathi Mekhale of Ramjanpur with the help of the loan doing the business of bangals
All the trainees & the women who received loans by AMGU
A trainee trained in tailoring course expressing her feelings of gratitude