Our Work

Our goal is to build a better future for Women with gender equality, men & wowen both enjoying similar rights in all walks of life with dignity , confidence and gender justice in life.

1. Family Counseling Centers

Duration: From: 2000 To 2018

Description: AMGU has been running counseling centers giving relief to women victims/survivors of various forms of violence inflicted on women at domestic and society level such as dowry, bigamy, sex abuse, property rights, mental and physical torture, cyber crimes. During these years 3158 cases have been handled by our centers of which 50% cases are settled and others are at various stages of settlement including compromise and legal remedy from courts of civil law. AMGU was one of the leading NGOs from Maharashtra state which demanded policy on ‘domestic violence against women which was enacted by Central Government under the title “Domestic Violence Act” 2005. The organization is using this act in giving legal relief to women through its family counseling centers.

2. Vocational Training

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: With the help of local support we have trained over 12880 women in different vocational skills who are now involved in tailoring, jute, leather, cotton bags making, painting, hand and machine embro idery, ribbon work, patch work, soap making, sauce and Jam making, etc. earning their livelihood. 60 women trained in cattle rearing.

3. Environmental Awareness

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: A bio waste management, introduction of soak pit concept, plantation, growing of herbal plants in the backyard and kitchen garden program amongst 7800 households with central theme of developing bio-village and nutrition development program amongst rural women. It is an ongoing project which was supported by UNICEF during 2010-2012.

4. Village Development Planning (VDPs) and Training of Women Social Animators

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: Using 16 socio-economic and human development indicators concerning women and children a thorough village development planning has been carried out in 112 villages of Udgir block of Latur district with the help of UNICEF. As a result of this planning and related awareness 20 villages have started consuming iodized salt, breast feeding, ban on child marriage, registration of birth, immunization, etc. The health department (Government) has also become active in this regard addressing women’s health issues. The plans will be further followed up with concerned health and women and child development departments to ensure women and children’s health, nutrition and other aspects of development. Under this project we have trained 112 women social animators ( Deepshikhas ) who are our main contact points in the villages and who also work as volunteers for us.They made aware the adolescent girls of their future life and Life skills. They are young girls and women who work on awareness among girls and women on health, education and mobilization of government schemes for women and children.

5. Community Health

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: AMGU considers rural health from all angles. It includes HIV/AIDS awareness, introduction of nutrition food, awareness on Tuberculosis, relaxation techniques, etc. AMGU through its SHGs have reached to over 21,000 through its awareness raising and other constructive program giving information on community health and accessing government health schemes and production of nutrition food at backyard and in the farm. Awareness about T.B. reached 37000 villagers .

1. Violence Against Women and Trafficking

Duration: From: 2000 To 2018

Description: AMGU worked as a grassroots partner of SOS (Save Our Sisters) NGO network led by Save the Children India creating awareness on trafficking amongst women and girls and formed village level groups to create community level awareness on stopping the trafficking. The project was implemented in 2004-2005 and now continued in Latur district.

2. An Education of Life Skills Project

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: It was implemented with support from ‘Give Foundation India, Mumbai’ . AMGU educated 17563 girls and boys from 9th and 10th school standards giving them inputs on Adolescent Age related physical and psychological changes, facing challenges in life and ways and means of overcoming them, reasons of addiction and freedom from the same, value education, sex education and awareness on HIV/AIDS and trafficking. The students participated from 75 schools of Latur district.

3. To Raise Legal and Social Awareness

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: AMGU organized 1000 gatherings ( Melavas ) for women in 152 villages. AMGU has used a satirical and musical play “ Mulgi Zali Ho “ ( A Girl Is Born ) to raise social awareness and gender equality. So far, AMGU has performed 52 performances out of which Prof Chandrakala Bhargaw presented 42 shows as one-woman show in India and USA. From June 2015, the project To Stop Dowry through SHGs of Women is implemented in 20 villages of Latur Block, District Latur. The Unique achievement is out of 20 villages 13 GramSabhas of GramPanchayats took decision not to take and give Dowry. 20 marriages are organized without Dowry. It reduced violence against women

4. Strengthening Women’s Self Help Groups

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: We have facilitated promotion of 602 + SHGs with membership strength of 6030 women. The groups have cumulative savings of INR Rs. 1,08,54,000/- and they have also mobilized over INR Rs. 6,30,50,000/- from banks and government schemes meant for SHGs. The entire funds are managed by women themselves through bank transactions. These SHGs were given capacity building trainings to start micro-enterprises, nutrition development and ecological awareness inputs (horticulture promotion, kitchen gardening and other tree plantation, etc.) with the help of IDS, USA.

5. Drought Relief and Support

Duration: From: 2015 To 2018

Description: From 2015,Drought Relief and Support is implemented in 52 villages .The work included distribution of water tanks for people and animals,fodder to animals, fodder cutter ,providing ration to families, preparing job-cards for needy labourors,providing them jobs through MNREGS, well-digging,deepening of rivulets, Nala Band,preparing roads etc. For Natural and Spiritual farming AMGU supported 72 widow farmers financially to increase the produce. This year Drought Relief and Support program is implemented in 58 villages of Udgir Taluka.It prepared job-cards for needy laborers, fills 4 A forms, and makes all efforts to give work to them by government under MNREGS scheme. The work of well-digging, Nala-Bandi, preparing roads, etc is given to 2342 laborers. Government gives equal wages to men and women. AMGU distributed fodder to 40 animals of 40 SHG women.86 families were distributed grains and food in emergency. They were informed of these flag ship program efforts were made for job card & 9096from 33 villages got job cards.

6. Awareness on VAW and Related Advocacy

Duration: From: 1994 To 2018

Description: AMGU was one of the leading organizations in state that demanded Women’s State Commission and State Women’s Policy in Maharashtra (from 1994). This was subsequently approved by State government. AMGU also demanded making compulsory setting up of Vishakha Committees to stop sexual harassment of women at work places. This is as per the Supreme Court order directing all state and central governments and private set ups which employees men and women as workers/staff. AMGU was one of the leading NGOs that has pushed this demand of formation of such committees which was upheld by State which has framed rules based on SC order compelling all formal set ups to establish such committees. The organisation also takes up number of outreach issues where violence affects women. It recently staged an agitation to arrest police officers accused of sexually harassing trainee lady police personnel.

7. Jidnyasa Education for Life skills for Adolescent Girls & Boys

Duration: From: 2004 To 2018

Description: 19045 Deepshikhas ( Girls/women ) were trained in the awareness program for adolescents. They still continue to work.

8. AIDS Awareness Program

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: It is done in the Jidnyasa program. 200 volunteers from Udgir Taluka were trained to make people aware of it.

9. Save Our Sisters (SOS) Legal Awareness, Prog.(ITPA) Organizing Police Training

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: Sensitization of police Support to victims of atrocities Increased self confidence of women victims and families to get legal and police help.

10. Family Counselling Centre & Legal Counselling to Solve the Problems of Women Victims of Atrocity

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: It is run with the physical support of Mahila Atyachar Nivaran Kendra, run by S. P . Office Latur. 3158 cases are registered out of which 50% are settled.

11. Gatherings (Melavas Rally) Aware of Gender Equality Legal Awareness about ITPA, DVA

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: Gender sensitization public awareness drive reaches 11,000 women

12. Leadership Training for Women -women Elected to Gram Panchayats & Sarpanch

Duration: From: 1976 To 2018

Description: 30 villages of Udgir block were trained for the awareness of working of the Gram Panchayat especially women. .

13. Zero Budget Natural and Spiritual Farming

Duration: From: 2017 To 2018

Description: We gave training of Padmshri Subhash Palekar’s ZBNF training of 2 days to 300 farmers from 46 villages from Latur and Udgir block. It includes preparation and implementation of Jivamrut, Ghanjivamrut and Bijamrut without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The farmers who were widow, small landholders and deserted women, received double yield by following the ZBNF techniques. They received Poison free and nutritious food. It is encouraging.

14. To stop Dowry through Self Help Group (SHG's)

Duration: From: 2015 To 2018

Description: “To Stop Dowry Through SHGs of Women “ was started in twenty villages of Latur Taluka, Dist Latur. The massage reached 39952 villagers and out of them 30367 promised not to take and give Dowry.AMGU motivated to happen 24 marriages without giving and taking Dowry. Out of twenty villages ,19 Gram Panchayats took decision in GramSabhas for not to take and give Dowry. It is a Great Achievement of AMGU which reduced violence done to women. A convention about Dowry on 7th January 2016 was organized by AMGU which inspired all the youth, villagers, Gram Panchayat members for Dowry issue.